Returning to School

"In the near future, we can only hope for things to return to complete normalcy, albeit with the added responsibility of following Covid protocols...

The Significant Impact of the ‘New Normal’ on Education

"In 2020, Covid-19 hit the education industry like a tornado and accelerated growth in a completely different direction" The Covid-19 virus is not the only...

Learning to Live, Living to Learn

"I genuinely love being a student: getting to explore entire worlds of knowledge fuels my imagination, and it also serves as a constant reminder...

My University Experience

"If an experience has the ability to give you the bliss of belonging, it is an experience worth having. This is how I feel...

Studying in the United Kingdom

As a student who had just finished high school, I was not keen on conforming to the ‘norm’ of having a degree. To me,...

The Swiss Student and Internship Trainee Experience

Hospitality is directly related to civilization, as the idea of being friendly to outsiders has been around for decades and has grown into a...

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