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UK-India Launch Young Professionals Scheme


UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced the UK-India Young Indian Professionals Scheme for the young Indian professionals. 

Under this scheme, the UK will offer 3000 visas annually to 18-30 year-old, degree-holding Indian nationals to live and work in the UK for up to two years. 

The announcement was made via the official Twitter handle of the UK Prime Minister’s office. The British government says that India is the first visa-national country to benefit from such a scheme. It also highlights the strength of the UK-India Migration and Mobility Partnership which was announced the previous year. 

Both the countries have agreed to the terms of this partnership. The partnership is reciprocal. The program will begin from 2023. 

There are a few limitations to this scheme such as:

1. You cannot work as a professional sportsperson (like a coach)

2. Your stay cannot be extended

3. You are not entitled to public funds

4. You cannot bring your family members on your application. They would have to apply for a visa separately.

In the words of the UK Prime Minister Sunak, “I know the first-hand the incredible value of the deep cultural and historic ties we have with India. I am pleased that even more of India’s brightest young people will now have the opportunity to experience all that life in the UK has to offer – and vice-versa – making our economies and societies richer.” 

The history between the UK and India is richer than almost any country in the Indo-Pacific region. This new partnership is substantial for both the countries for reinforcing their economies.  

Sunak says, “The Indo-Pacific is increasingly crucial for our security and our prosperity. It is teeming with dynamic and fast-growing economies, and the next decade will be defined by what happens in this region.”

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