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Netherlands to Open Up for International Students


Almost all the countries of the world have an international student policy. This allows the students to learn things different from their ethnicity and helps forge better relationships between the countries.

The Netherlands has been considering bringing in more international students. They are currently weighing all their options to figure out what’s best for both the students and their country.

Robbert Dijkgraaf, the Dutch minister for Education, Culture, and Science says that international affiliation is the way to better higher education. He also adds that these students won’t be a part of any “political vendetta” or “business model”.

While bringing in students from other countries will strengthen international ties, there is still a lot of work to be done. According to the minister, the universities are still facing a lot of problems with this.

The teaching faculty will be under a lot of strain and there will also be an issue with language and accommodations. In addition, international students may also face anxiety and loneliness, for they will be in a new country, far away from home.

All these issues need to be dealt with before the Netherlands welcomes international students into the country.

Dijkgraaf says “There are strong feelings and pertinent questions in our Parliament about this. It is something I want to work with the universities, with all the stakeholders to see what our international policy is.”

The country doesn’t want an overwhelming number of international students which could bring down the quality of education. An optimal number has to be decided.

According to the education minister, this will not only add to the knowledge of the students but will also secure strong international connections.

The international education system will also provide an answer to global problems like climate change, infectious diseases, water shortages, and global warming.

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