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Canada Set to Welcome 1.5 Mn New Settlements


Canada has planned to settle 1.5 million permanent citizens in the country by 2025.

The country is in short supply of skilled people to work in some of its key sectors. It is embracing immigration with open arms in order to attract more people and overcome this shortage.

The social, economic, and demographic sectors of the country need more people. According to the minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Sean Fraser, Canada is aiming for 465,000 permanent settlements in 2023 and an additional 485,000 and 500,000 permanent settlements in 2024 and 2025 respectively.

This is their Immigration Levels Plan. Frazer also mentions that last year they welcomed the maximum number of new citizens in the history of the country. This year they plan to take this number even higher.

This immigration plan aims at helping businesses find the workers they need and will help Canada in the long run.

The country sees this as an opportunity to help vulnerable people find a good and safe place to live. People fleeing from violence, war, and prosecution will find a home in Canada.

A major chunk of these new citizens will consist of international students. The Canadian government recognizes the potential that these students bring to the table and want to make full use of that.

There are a lot of economic, cultural, and social benefits that can be availed from these international students. They are an important group of workers who are fit for every industry across the country.

At present, there’s a limit to the number of hours a student can work. The Canadian government has promised to temporarily remove the limit on work hours allowed for international students to help overcome the labor shortage in the country.

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