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Adani Group to Launch Their Own “Super App”


Gautam Adani, Asia’s richest person, plans to launch a super app in the next 3 to 6 months that will connect Adani Airport passengers with other Adani Group services.

Apart from this, the Indian billionaire is also planning to invest more than $4 billion in a petrochemical complex in the state of Gujarat. Adani’s biggest competitor, Mukesh Ambani, is also in the petrochemical business, which could result in serious competition. But Adani denies this and says, “India is a huge growth market, and everybody is welcome.”

India is a very immense and diverse market for any product. The “super app” is most likely to face multiple challenges in the country. The consumer internet sector is expected to cross the $1.6 trillion market size by 2025 in India, creating more opportunities for such tech-enabled one-stop services.

India’s present super app landscape includes the likes of Tata Digital’s Tata Neu, Reliance’s MyJio, Flipkart, Paytm, etc.

The development of the “Super App” by Adani clashes with the plans of other conglomerates in India, including Tata and various other e-retailers and aggregators, who are also planning on becoming a part of the growing app culture in the country and capitalizing on the digital boom by providing an all-inclusive digital experience to their customers via a super app.

In the words of Gautam Adani, his company is looking to build the most influential and profitable super app in the world. The super app launched by Gautam Adani’s controlled conglomerate, Adani Group, will enable digital transactions on a unified platform.

With the launch of the data protection bill by the government, data privacy can also turn out to be another primary threat to the super app.

With a market cap of more than $225.18 billion, Adani Group’s business portfolio comprises seven publicly traded companies. The Adani Group’s consumers also engage at multiple levels with its services, including Adani airports, Adani total gas, Adani electricity, and Adani Wilmar.

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