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Leap of Faith – Corporate Leader to Entrepreneur


They say “Grown men don’t cry”. I did, in the initial stages of becoming an entrepreneur!

Flash back – thirteen years ago – when I was at the peak of my corporate career as the Chief Operating Officer for India and South Asia of India’s leading, Swiss-owned tourism company Kuoni Destination Management. Things could not have been better, but for the internal nudge most mornings when I reached work, “What are you contributing today?”

I have always believed that you should quit when you are at the top – in no matter what you do. Quit, not out of defeat or insecurity, but out of the confidence in your own self to be able to start something from ground zero all over again. Thoughts of building a small, boutique resort which challenged traditional norms of hospitality had been taking shape in my mind for over a decade by then.

So I took the plunge from the corporate world to entrepreneurship in 2008, when I started building the Tree of Life Resort & Spa, Jaipur. It was just 13 villas on 7 acres of land, 15 kilometers outside Jaipur city. Well-wishers and industry friends cautioned me on the business model and my loan for the project was rejected in the first round on account of ‘project not being viable’. I pushed on, believing in my gut feeling that this is what travelers of the future would look out for – space, privacy, calm. And yes, it was in those days of insecurity that I occasionally cried, wondering if I had made the right move.

Read the full article here in our October 2020 issue.

Himmat Anand is the founder of the Tree of Life Resorts & Hotels. After a successful career in the travel industry, Himmat left the comforts of the corporate world to create his own brand of experiential resorts. He recently also launched A Dog’s Story – getaways tailored especially for pet parents and pet lovers.


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