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Covid-19 and Teens – Opportunities and Challenges for Teenagers


Just a few weeks ago, which seem distant now, students across the world were at school – playing sports, celebrating special days, hanging out with friends, looking forward to a lot in life. Suddenly it all changed, almost overnight. Schools shut, they became home bound. For a while, not going to school became exciting. However, soon reality dawned and anxiety and frustration became the order of the day. While all were hit hard, teenagers will be the focus here. What was taken for granted now became so much more valued. The new ‘normal’ is a given situation and is not going to go away any time soon. It is here to say. We have to adjust to this new normal.


YOU ARE NOT ALONE: Teens like you across the world are affected by this pandemic.

YOU ARE THE CHANGEMAKERS: You are the ones with a trove of ideas.

YOU ARE INNOVATORS: You can do it.

YOUR FAMILY LOVES YOU: You love them too.

Just a few tips for all of the teenagers out there – you may be able to connect with these and implement them in your lives to help pass through these difficult times.

Read the full article here in our July 2020 issue.

Ms. Guneet Ohri is the Founder Principal of Suncity School, Gurugram (established in 2018). With over 30 years of experience in the educational space, Ms. Ohri continues to be an insightful learner. She is an avid believer in ‘Sanskaars’ – the values of life, and an advocate for socio-emotional well-being of children. She not only manages the administration of the school as a dynamic mentor, but also works to inculcate 21st century skills in her students by teaching Geography through a variety of innovative strategies. She has a strong focus on activating learning and supporting pupils on their individual learning journeys, and is inspiring young lives through her farsighted vision and love for learning and teaching.


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