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Vocational Education in Australia


If we have learnt anything from the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, it is the importance of a good education in a safe environment that leads to a high demand occupation and provides for long term secure employment opportunities.

Australia is a friendly and welcoming country, our nation values individual freedoms, and the rights of citizens and visitors are protected under a transparent legal system. Our cities have some of the lowest crime rates in the world and our streets and public spaces are open and safe.

Recognised as a world leader in education, Australia is expected to overtake the UK as the world’s second most popular study destination. Our high-quality education, easy access to student support services, multicultural society and fantastic lifestyle make Australia an attractive study destination.

Australian vocational and technical colleges are committed to equipping students with practical skills and knowledge to help them succeed in their chosen industry. As global demand booms for entrepreneurial and innovative thinkers, Australian education providers have re-engineered their approach to teaching and learning to inspire thought leadership and creativity among students in every discipline.

Many Australian vocational courses include work experience programs and internships so that students can gain hands-on industry experience and grow their professional network while they study. Students are also permitted to work up to 20 hours per week while studying; which can be a great way to find study-related work, or simply pay for the lifestyle in Australia.

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Phillip Charlton has over three decades of experience in the education and training sector. He was the CEO of Hospitality Training Association (the largest skill training provider in Queensland, Australia for hotel managers and chefs) in Brisbane, Australia for more than 10 years. He has been associated with various educational institutes, including Le Cordon Bleu, TAFE Australia and Navitas, among others. He has also previously been appointed as the Governor of the Queensland Overseas Foundation; Adjunct Professor, University of Queensland; and Chair of the Queensland Skills Alliance.


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