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Covid-19 and Teens – What’s a Good Way to Handle Your Teenager during the Lockdown?


My son is in his pre-teens and I think he needs his friends around more than ever. Teenage is a precocious time in a child’s life as they are challenged with demanding physical and psychological changes. With schools being shut, this has become a critical challenge for homes with teenagers.

To understand how we can deal with them better, let’s break this into two parts. One is their need to be outdoors and in society. The other is the pressure of performing even while they are locked down at home. How can we productively help the teenagers around us to handle themselves in the best manner?

Beat the pressure of performance

Parents are toiling hard to keep their teenagers busy with online classes, homework and the works. However, this time maybe we need to let go. Every child is in the same boat. Let them study at a slower pace. For one, learning online is a lot more complicated than learning in a classroom setting. So when it comes to teenagers, the struggle is much more intense. They have to deal with social distancing when they should be exploring the real world. Significantly, they are plunged to stay with family for an inordinate time.

This calls for desperate measures. Some great ways to keep your teenager busy are to give them their space while they study, while not pushing them to perform.

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Ms. Nishtha Shukla Anand is a writer-entrepreneur with a deep interest in digital technology, hence she founded Techthirsty.com as a platform that simplifies tech news and events. She is also a Director and Trustee of Himachal-based Shoolini University and has won Google Woman Entrepreneur of the Year for her umbrella enterprise Pen Pundit Media Services.


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