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July 2023 Issue: Editor’s Note


Have you ever stopped to think, what is it that you expect from your career? Is it the satisfaction of accomplishing something important? Is it recognition for your talents that you are looking for? Or the joy that comes from knowing that you’ve helped others in some way? It may be one of these or something else altogether, but the important thing is to spend time to consider this crucial factor before choosing a particular career path.

Some lucky individuals know early on in life what they want to do. Others may realize it at a later point somewhere along their career journeys, and a few even change tracks and switch to a career that suits them better after spending years (or decades) in another profession. In the fluid world economy of today, with things changing at an unprecedented rate and many non-traditional work options cropping up, it’s good to keep an open mind when it comes to career possibilities. However, knowing yourself is key. Spend time reflecting and deliberating on what you love to do. A career that aligns with your personal interests, values, and belief system is not an impossibility. Success comes to those who enjoy what they do, as you can see from the countless stories of successful individuals around us.

Our cover story in this issue is written by an icon of the Indian fashion industry, Varun Bahl. Renowned for his exquisite craftsmanship and the effortless blend of contemporary and traditional aesthetics in his designs, Varun has generously shared with us the story of his early days in the industry. We also have articles touching upon critical issues such as inclusion, social work, transformational leadership, trends in marketing and branding, the Indian civil services, aviation, the significance of sports in life, and a Q&A is with the talented Indian music video director, Mihir Gulati. Read on for information, inspiration, and a push in the right direction!

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Read our July 2023 issue here.

Best Wishes,

Pooja Backliwal

Managing Editor

Managing Editor of Career Ahead Magazine.


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